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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you still show movies in the rain? Yes. Sometimes the theaters get a little muddy, but we show in ALL weather conditions. 

  • When are you open? We will re-open March 17th 2017 for this season. We show movies Weekends only during the spring. We also have many special events sporadically throughout the year including a carnival, 5k race, car shows, 80's Flashback Weekend, our huge Frightfest celebration and more.

  • Should I bring my own battery-operated radio or just use the one in the car? If you are concerned that your car battery will run down, please bring a battery powered, portable FM radio. We have a limited number of these for rent in our Snackbar also.

  • Can we sit on top of the car or do I need to bring chairs? Please do not sit on top of your car. It's dangerous and blocks other's view of the screen. On busy weekend nights, if you use lawn or camp chairs, please park your car so the chairs are placed in front of it, within one parking spot. Thanks for considering others.

  • Do you offer discounts for large groups? We do offer group discounts for larger groups, and are happy to accommodate your group.(Call for special events or pricing specials for large groups) 

  • Can I barbeque while we watch the movie? Yes, as long as the grill is out before showtime and the coals are dumped out near our burn barrels.(Small Grills only) 

  • How many movies do I get to watch with my admission? All admissions are for 1 movie per night, unless we are hosting a special 'Double Feature' weekend. For 'Double Features' you get to enjoy 2 movies on a single screen for your admission price.

  • How much is it to get in? Admission: $7 for adults(12 and older) - $6 for children 4 through 11- and children under 4 are free. 

  • Are the movie times night shows only or daytime? We show the movies under the great big sky! So, we have to wait until after the sun goes down.

  • How do we get sound to hear the movies? We have HD Digital FM Transmitters so you can hear the audio through your car stereo!

  • Do I have to stay for the entire movie? No, you may leave as you please. If you leave and then plan to come back in, you will be required to pay for another admission due to our insurance policy. 

  • Can I bring my own food? Yes, bringing in your own food is allowed as long as you purchase a $5 food permit. It includes a coupon for up to $6 in food items from our snack bar. Please realize the drive-in only survives on our food and snack sales, so we appreciate it if you purchase items in the Snack Bar or Burger Barn during your visit. $1.00 from each Food Permit sale this season is going to benefit St. Jude's and Brave Beginnings charities.

  • What kind of chairs can I bring? Folding chairs, lawn chairs, basically anything that you'll be comfortable in that will not obstruct others view.

  • Can I bring a camper to the drive in? NOT ON WEEKENDS! On slower nights,Yes, if you park it where it does not block other's view and only on the weekdays(Monday-Thursday) when we are open 7 days a week.

  • My car does not have FM radio stations, what can I use to hear the movie? You can bring a portable stereo and get sound that way or we have rental radios available for $2 a night. All movie audio is fed through a digital high definition FM transmitter.

  • Can I bring out my dog? Yes, as long as they are friendly and on a leash.

  • Can I leave the theater to get food/etc? No. Once you enter the theatre, you will have to pay admission to re-enter the theatre if you leave and come back in. We do offer Monical's Pizza in our Snack Bar(slices or entire 16" pizzas) along with dozens of other great items at reasonable prices.

  • Can I leave and come back in without being charged again? NO, see above. 

  • What is there to do before the movie? We have 2 large play areas under the screens. You can play games, walk around the grounds, visit our snack bar or gift shop, and enjoy the outdoors before the movie. Our Tiki Hut rents out popular lawn games(bags/cornhole & ladder ball) and we sell frisbees, balls, hula hoops and more for you enjoyment.

  • Do you have gift cards? Yes, you must ask to speak to a manager or call our office at 815-268-4000.

  • Can I purchase tickets before the movie? Yes, as long as you purchase them on our website through the presale ticket app. Be advised that pre-purchased tickets do not guarantee a parking spot on busy nights.

  • Is alcohol allowed? No, but we do not search vehicles.

  • Can I smoke? Yes, but only if it doesn't bother your neighbors and the cigarette butts are not thrown on the ground.

  • How early should I arrive? On busy nights such as Fridays, Saturdays, or holidays, we suggest arriving when the gates open or sooner. We fill up fast once we open our gates on busy nights, and arriving early is the only way to get a good viewing spot.

  • If the lot is full, can I still come in? Yes, admission price is the same, but you can park your car in our entrance lane and walk in with chairs or blankets to sit on.

  • Is it Cash Only or do you accept credit cards? We take cash only at the box office(no machine out there yet), but do accept credit and debit cards in our snack bar or burger barn.

  • When is showtime? The movies start at dusk.